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Sales, Marketing,
and Operations
Atlantic Partners is a premier resource for clients seeking director and VP level sales, marketing, and operations executives to fill critical roles within their companies.Our database boasts of a large database of candidates with exceptional experience seeking their life-long career. We specialize in finding the perfect fit for clients and candidates.
We know how difficult it is to find a sales, marketing, and operations executive that has the right experience to be an asset to your team, so we take the time to look through and vet the experience of our candidates to help both clients and candidates be happy with their placements.
Who we look for:
Are you looking for a new job in the Sales, Marketing, and Operations sector? Speak to our recruiters today to learn more about the positions we specialize in, and how we can help you find a role that will appreciate your exceptional skills and working knowledge in the industry.
Our clients are the nation’s most sought after brands, and are looking for someone just like you. Our recruiters are trained to seek out your skills and find you the perfect home.
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