All You Need to Know About Business Development Officers

The role of a business development manager is very crucial in an organization. He is directly responsible for increasing sales and profits by applying various strategies. In this article, you will learn more about his role and pay.

What does a business development officer do?

In this position, the company expects you to formulate various strategies and execute them effectively to enhance company sales and profits. They have a look at multiple opportunities and verify if they can prove to be lucrative for the company. They also hold the responsibility of securing numerous business deals and head their business development associates. Business development officers also need to have a vast knowledge of the company offerings. They shall also work upon already existing sales proposals. A BDO needs to be quick and sharp since they regularly need to negotiate business deals. Apart from this, they frequently need to examine customer feedback to determine the flaws and merits of the product. They also lead the business development staff and are directly responsible for their recruiting, training, and guiding them. They also may conduct some financial surveys from time to time to see if there are any fresh business opportunities.

Business development officer payscale: Knowing your worth

The job of a business development officer is a high-paying one. If we go with the figures, the average BDO earns $68,572 per year. Additionally, there is a commission of $25,200 per year, and $10,000 accounts for profit sharing

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