Positions & Placement Levels:
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Event Planner

We understand how important it is to find someone who has the training and experience, as well as the values, leadership, interpersonal, and management skills needed to succeed in the role.

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Our Executive Search team aims to fill senior management roles within small to large companies with candidates that possess the experience and skills necessary.

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Front Desk

Atlantic Partners boasts a large database of sales, marketing, and operations executives looking for their right fit.

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We know the different facets to Attorneys, and help our clients find the right fit tailored to their needs.

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Security Guard

Our personalized approach to E-level recruiting gives our clients an advantage in the workplace. We work tirelessly to find you the right fit.

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Hotel Manager

Business Development Officers are an integral part of a corporate structure, and Atlantic Partners knows what it takes to succeed in this role.

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We specialize in providing physician placements of all backgrounds, specializations, and experience levels.

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Environmental Specialist

No matter the industry, our team has the experience and resources to find you a President and/or Vice President with experience tailored to your specifications.

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We have the tools and resources to provide clients with outstanding Treasurer candidates.

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Our Senior Management team is comprised of former corporate executives and business owners who not only understand the cost benefit analysis as it relates to human capital but also the correlation of a budget and speed to the market.
In addition to a rigorous interview process our consultative approach allows us to get in the trenches with our clients as business strategists to better understand the sales, financial and operational components of the organization.