How To Start Your Career As a Physician

A physician is a medical practitioner who focuses on maintaining the health of their patients and provide medicines and treatments accordingly. It is a noble profession, and some effort is required to become one. This article will guide you for the same.

Type of physicians

Physicians usually have a specialization. They can be classified into the following types:
1. Anesthesiologists: They are concerned with the field of anesthesia. They prescribe drugs designed to lower and numb your pain.
2. Cardiologists: They hold expertise over matters related to the heart and blood vessels. They provide treatment for complications such as a heart attack.
3. Dermatologists: They provide treatment for issues pertaining to the skin. Common problems include acne, rashes, and skin allergies.
4. Gastroenterologists: Their specialty covers problems in the digestive system, which includes stomach, liver, pancreas, and bowels.
5. Neurologists: When it comes to the nervous system, neurologists are the concerned party. They cure strokes, spinal tumors, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy.

What’s your job pathway to be a physician?

The journey to becoming a physician is a long one. It takes around 11-14 years. You need a Bachelor’s degree accompanied by an M.D or D.O. Your field of study should concern biological science and then pure medicine. You should have sufficient MCAT scores and a high school diploma to be eligible for admission to an excellent medical school. In the last two years of medical school, the clinical experience will commence, which includes visiting hospitals and clinics. You will also have to go through a residency period in which an internship needs to be done.

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