COVID19 Trends in Healthcare

When seeking out potential healthcare employees, it is important to understand the recruitment process and obtain a few tips to keep in your back pocket during the recruiting process. It is important, especially now, to understand the new ways that recruiting is shifting during this COVID-19 pandemic, and how to be efficient while holding virtual meetings and interviews.

Here are some Do’s for Healthcare Recruiting:

  1. Do read through the candidate’s resume and emphasize any information that can be relevant to the position, or what skills that could benefit the job or company. Especially since recruiting and interviews are done virtually, it is important to be familiar with the candidate before you schedule a virtual meet up.
  2. Do on time! Since this shift to virtual meetings and interviews, it can be really easy to tardiness on “technical difficulties”. Showcase to the candidate that you take punctuality seriously, and lead by example.
  3. Do remember their name. Again, since we are living in this digital age due to COVID-19, you want to make it a point to allow the candidate to feel important and valued as a potential employee. During in-person interviews, it can be much easier to personalize an interview with handshakes and eye contact, but not in today’s world.
  4. Do discuss what the company has to offer them. Recruiting a candidate is a partnership – you have a position to fill and they can fill that position. Allow them to be informed about perks, benefits, career advancement, lunches, etc., all of the nice things that can come from this company.


Here are some Don’ts for Healthcare Recruiting:

  1. Don’t forget to take notes! As you are reviewing resumes, or in the interview itself, take down notes about that specific candidate so you can refer back to their information.
  2. Don’t stick to particular hiring practices or processes if they aren’t providing you with the results or candidates that you want. Be sure to shift as you go.
  3. Don’t drag out the interview for a candidate that you know isn’t the right fit. It can be very misleading to the candidate, and an overall waste of their time, to continue to hold the interview or lead knowing that it won’t go anywhere.


Healthcare Trends are ever-evolving

As recruiting shifts constantly, being that healthcare recruitment is always evolving, it is important to be informed about trends and when to implement those trends. Depending on the position that you’re holding the interview about, the trends that you choose to elaborate on will vary. Understand the different world climates operating at the time of the interview, and allow your trends to follow. In order to entice doctors or other healthcare professionals in 2020 and beyond, it is important to understand the trends and incentives that can be brought up. It is also very important to customize those recruiting incentives based on the candidate and the job they’re applying for. Especially if you are a smaller healthcare facility, unlike the larger field titans, it is wise to be competitive in regards to incentives. Utilize the fact that a large healthcare trend right now is incentives, especially since we are in the midst of a global pandemic and healthcare workers are on the front lines. Incentives can be perks that the job offers, or even remote work depending on the healthcare position. Be mindful of what your company can offer them and be sure to highlight that.


Be Patient and Understanding

A key takeaway, as well, for recruiting amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, is that patient and understanding can go a very long way. This is a very high-stress time, especially for healthcare workers who are risking their lives for the greater good. Recruiting and filling positions can be stressful when there is a high demand for healthcare professionals, but remember that those candidates are feeling the heat as well. Make it a point to be patient and kind to potential candidates, and be understanding if they’re feeling afraid or overwhelmed. Spread kindness and humility. After all, we are all trying to navigate through this difficult time to the best of our abilities.