Raymond M. Pych





Atlantic Partners Corp.
6001 Broken Sound Parkway, Suite 506
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Mr. Monroe Gang,

You probably don’t’ remember me, we only spoke once, briefly, but I am one of the veterans who your program has benefited, I would just like to extend my sincerest thanks for what you have done and are continuing to do for veterans.

You should feel very proud of the effort that Atlantic Partners Corp. has put forth. When we spoke, you were nothing but encouraging and enthusiastic toward my efforts and I really appreciate that. Ira Martin deserves our deepest gratitude, having been our staunchest supporter, participating in most of our nightly calls, offering excellent advice, yet not forcing anything on us, while instilling camaraderie and a team spirit.

Atlantic Partners Corp. has provided the resources that we needed to succeed, at no small cost to you company. I am well aware of the financial sacrifice and the human commitment your company has made and continues to make and am grateful for them.

I plan to do everything within my power to reward your loyalty to the veterans. Many companies, unlike Atlantic Partners. “Talk the talk”, but do not “Walk the Walk”. My hope is that the veterans will repay you many times over. We have been truly blessed to be associated with Atlantic Partners Corp.



Raymond M. Pych

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